Rotary Dryers & Coolers

The GEA Rotary Dryer is extensively used throughout the process industries and is highly reliable under the most arduous operating conditions with it often described as the "workhorse of the industry".

Combining flexibility with reliability, Rotary Dryers handle a vast range of materials ranging from pharmaceutical grade sweeteners to phosphate rock. The design permits the use of the highest possible drying temperatures (where product allows) and is not sensitive to fluctuations in throughput or particle size.

The cascade dryer consists of a slightly inclined rotating cylinder, fitted with a series of peripheral flights arranged to lift, distribute and transport the material. The flights are designed to suit the particular handling characteristics of the material, which may vary with increasing dryness.

The principle of operation is based on showering, or cascading the wet material through a hot gas stream, flowing either co-current or counter-current to the solids. The hot gas induces the evaporation of the moisture. The heat lost to the material and evaporation of water vapor reduces the gas temperature rapidly, such that it leaves the dryer at a comparatively low temperature.

Other systems include Direct and Indirect Rotary Coolers, Direct Fired Rotary Calciners and Indirectly Heated Rotary Dryers and Calciners for fine and dusty materials and lower temperature calcining applications.


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