Increase dryer throughputs and decrease running costs.

Dewatering Screw Press for Vital Wheat Gluten

The GEA Screw Press expresses excess water from wet feed material in preparation for drying; providing material at homogeneous moisture and minimizing running costs through reducing dryer evaporation load and energy demand.

GEA vital wheat gluten screw press

Screw Press Operation

Wet gluten is received from the customer’s upstream process within an integral buffer hopper, mounted above the machine. This hopper includes screens for drainage of free water and provides a constant feed for the press. The conical screw compresses a thin layer of wet gluten against fine perforated screen plates, to express water from the material before feed to the dryer. 

Automatic Cleaning System

An automatic cleaning system with high pressure pump and dedicated PLC control system washes the press, during continuous operation and without need for manual intervention. The CIP system not only ensures food and operator safety, it also allows for a reliable process and minimum maintenance.  


  • Specifically designed for Vital Wheat Gluten drying
  • Flexible design with single press and twin press for high capacity
  • Integral buffer/drainage hopper
  • Sturdy and robust design


  • Reduces feed moisture to 66% and below
  • Provides optimum performance, energy efficiency and capacity
  • Automatic high pressure CIP for operator & food safety and minimum maintenance 
  • Low water consumption

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