Drum molding machines

GEA offers an extensive portfolio of versatile drum molding machines for producing traditional shapes of soft pasta filata cheeses, soft mozzarella cheese and mozzarella balls as well as drier pasta filata types, such as scamorza and provola.

Optional carousels offer the ability to form plaits and knots. Units are available with capacities of 180 kg per hour up to 1,400 kg per hour. We can even provide remote assistance for PLC-controlled machines. GEA drum molding units can also be supplied with our proprietary non-stick treatment, Vulcan, which offers many advantages over traditional Teflon coating.

GEA drum molding machines can be configured with 2, 4 or 6 auger feeders, to meet any process or production requirement and capacity.

Constructed in AISI 304 stainless steel, our units are designed for automated spherical molding and semi-automatic cylindrical molding with carousels, for continuous braids and knot molding. Electromechanical drives for the augers and molding drum allow for the precise adjustment of both feeder auger and drum speeds, to ensure a constant pressure in the forming chamber and so consistent product weight. GEA drum molding units also feature thermoregulated hot water jackets to ensure maintenance of the required product temperature. A feeler unit in the auger chamber monitors the cheese temperature.

The solid aluminium drum molds are easily interchangeable, and guarantee a perfect seal for minimal loss of whey. Drum rotation is effected through a simple, efficient grooved coupling mechanism.

GEA drum molding systems can also be configured with a screw unit for tilting the body of the machine by up to 30 degrees. This allows the production of very soft products, including Fior di latte and buffalo milk mozzarella. 


The highest specification safety and hygiene features are built into all GEA machines. Mechanical and electromechanical protection on dangerous areas ensures operator safety, and all electrical controls are housed in a waterproof panel. Optional cleaning in place capabilities speed cleaning, and reduce water usage, machine down time and the need for manual intervention.

Product contact surfaces are Teflon-coated as standard, but we can also supply machines with a proprietary non-stick treatment, called Vulcan, which has been developed by GEA. Unlike Teflon coating that can chip or flake off the treated surfaces, Vulcan is a finishing process that involves multiple steps of mechanical polishing of the metal surface at different angle and pressures. And unlike Teflon coating, which needs to be reapplied, Vulcan treatment has an almost unlimited lifespan, and is resistant to cleaning-in-place cycles.


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