Draining and Molding

GEA offers both batch and continuous curd draining and molding systems for processing a variety of cheese types. Our solutions are designed to offer fast, flexible and efficient operation, and promise reproducible processing for top quality cheeses.

The prepress vat (PPV) unit from GEA is a highly flexible batch machine for curd draining, prepressing, cutting and mold filling. The system can be used to process multiple product types and cheese sizes. Easy to control from user friendly operator panels, PPV machines from GEA promise 100% batch separation. We can supply units in a range of sizes with capacities of 8,000-30,000 liters. Options include filling with or without whey (for cheeses with mechanical holes, like Tilsit cheese), manual or automatic filling, and leveling of the whey/curd bed. The PPV is fully configured for cleaning-in-place.

The Conomatic system from GEA is our high capacity, continuous curd draining and cheese mold filling unit that can process up to 2,800 kg of cheese per hour for Euroblock size molds. Also offeringoptions that include filling with or without whey, the system features GEA’s “secret in the start of the process” design, by which the curd/whey mixture is fed through the separation tank. This produces a very rich mixture that is then transferred through the ultra-short draining tower of the Conomatic. Here the surplus of whey is drained off, and the curd is formed to a pre-cheese block, which is cut to a predefined height and dropped into a cheese mould.

The Conomatic can be supplied with interchangeable inserts to make cheeses of different dimensions. Mold filling is carried out inside the unit, and an internal whey collection circuit and sump quickly return surplus whey to the buffer.Servo-motor control of height and mold filling results in high accuracy and reproducibility for each cheese bock.

The user-friendly system is also configured with cleaning-in-place pipework to optimize cleaning and save on water, operator intervention and machine down time. 



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