Mechanical Dewatering Dewatering Screw Press for Vital Wheat Gluten

Increase dryer throughputs and decrease running costs.

The GEA Screw Press expresses excess water from wet feed material in preparation for drying; providing material at homogeneous moisture and minimizing running costs through reducing dryer evaporation load and energy demand.

Screw Press Operation

Wet material is received at a constant rate from the Client's upstream wet process, within the drainage hopper of the press, above the screw flights where the material tumbles, allowing free moisture to be drained from the screen sides and base of the hopper.

The conical screw would then compress the material against the perforated screen, expressing water from the material and through the screen before discharge onto a angled drainage screen. This drainage screen removes excess surface water, before passing the product to the dryer feed system



  • Drainage screen in feed hopper
  • Press expels surface and trapped water
  • Sturdy & robust
  • Full length doors


  • To remove excess surface water before press
  • Reduces VWG moisture to as low as 66% lower dryer evaporative load and saves energy
  • Ensures the best performance and longevity 
  • Aids cleaning to eliminate bug growth


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