Cubicles and Free Stalls GEA DairyBarn B3130 flexible cubicle

How can I make my cow more comfortable? This is a question you need to ask yourself each day if you want to keep your dairy farm successful. After all, only relaxed and healthy cows achieve optimum milk production. The best way to do this is with freedom of movement.

The flexible cubicle that combines flexibility, safety and guidance.

Cows can lie down and stand up with ease

With the B3130 your cows can lie down and stand up with ease thanks to its wide front opening and neck rail with 30 cm vertical flexibility. The cubicle divisions made of highly compressed polypropylene can be moved horizontally and vertically promoting top-level comfort and longer lying times, the key to ensure best possible milk production.  

Take advantage of the unique B3130 benefits:Top-level comfort, flexibility where it is needed 

  • Freedom of movement, the cow can lie down, relax and stand up with ease
  • Safety, the cows never feel constrict, reduction of injuries and stress
  • Guidance that ensure optimum position and cleaner lying space

Greater cow comfort and better profitability with the GEA DairyBarn B3130: increased milk production, greater safety, improved health, shorter cleaning times and cows that are more productive for longer.


GEA DairyBarn B3130 Think a cubicle is just a cubicle?


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