Curtains for Barns & Milking Parlors

GEA has the perfect curtain for every stall to ensure your cows are comfortable and increase your yields.

A comfortable stall climate is essential to producing high-quality milk. If it is too hot in summer, the animals can become distressed, which has a direct effect on milk production. In the winter, the cows may get too cold. As a systems provider for the agricultural industry, GEA has the perfect curtain to increase cow comfort significantly in every stall. As a Total Solutions provider, we offer a range of solutions which can be adapted to suit the individual, structural conditions of your site.

The simple solution for creating the perfect climate in your stall: Stall curtain made from robust vinyl

  • To separate the stall from the outside
  • Simple, flexible solution
  • Durable vinyl curtain

This simple yet effective curtain protects the stall from the wind and weather. It is made from tear-proof, wind-resistant vinyl that attaches to a strap along the wall. Sturdy poles in the strap keep the curtain's shape. It can be opened and closed manually or even automatically using a weather station and an electronic drive.

Protect the stall from the cold and weather: durable roller curtains from GEA

  • To separate the stall from the outside air
  • Durable materials: Aluminium pole and weather-proof vinyl curtain
  • Can be controlled manually or using a fully automatic weather station
  • Adjusts to fits stalls of all sizes

Roller curtains from GEA are a simple yet effective solution for protecting the stall from the cold and weather. The tear-proof vinyl is rolled onto a strong aluminium pole. You can then use it to close the stall fully or partially and to regulate the climate as needed. You can roll the vinyl either manually, with an electronic controller or fully automatically with a connected weather station. The result: a smaller workload and an optimized stall climate for high yields all year round.

Separate your stalls and milking parlor with milking parlor curtains from GEA

We also offer a variety of durable, intelligent solutions for separating the stall from the milking parlor. The milking parlor curtain is available in both insulating and non-insulating fabrics. Depending on your needs, you can choose from milking parlor curtains with manual pulleys or automatic motor drives.

  • Separates the milking parlor from the animals' living areas
  • Available in both insulating and non-insulating fabrics
  • Durable, long-lasting construction with galvanized drive shaft

Flexwall stall curtain: Closes the stall partially or fully

  • Protects the stall from the wind, rain and cold
  • Can be closed partially or fully to create the optimum stall climate
  • Durable construction with aluminium and vinyl
  • Galvanized steel cords on all lines and main lines
  • Two types of manual winches available

The Flexwall curtain is rolled onto durable aluminium poles. As it is divided into an upper and lower curtain, you can close the stall partially or fully depending on the weather. When completely closed, the Flexwall provides reliable protection from strong winds and rain. To do this, GEA uses reinforced, translucent vinyl with a high sun protection factor.

Plenty of daylight even if the curtain is closed: Lumitherm stall curtain

  • Separates the stall from the outside
  • Sufficient daylight even if the curtain is closed
  • Can be controlled completely automatically using a thermostat or weather station

The Lumitherm stall curtain protects the stall with inflatable hoses. These are filled partially or fully using an energy-efficient ventilator, which closes the curtain. Even if the curtain is closed, sufficient daylight is still able to enter the stall, so the herd doesn't have to live in darkness even if the weather is bad. This also ensures that there is good ventilation within the stall. The Lumitherm stall curtain can also be connected to a thermostat or weather station from GEA.


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