Cross Gutter Cleaner with Cable

System designed for cross gutter that does not exceed 540' (165 m) long. Easy servicing and suited for sand bedding.

The cable cross gutter cleaner consists of a drive unit, gutter wheels, at least one scraper and a cable. This system is designed to pull a scraper inside a cross gutter in order to direct the manure in a reception pit or any other means of storage. The drive unit is equipped with one or two electric motors and speed reducers depending on the cleaning requirements.

  • The cable cross gutter scraper is adapted for a cross gutter having 36" (914 mm) of width.
  • Maximum cross gutter length of 540' (165 m).
  • Perfectly suited for sand bedding.
  • Shuttle stroke scrapers configuration available to clean longer cross gutter.

Drive unit configurations

Global Page Information
  • SWR-300 with or without double motor in a recess.
  • SWR-300 with or without double motor on stands with 2 wheels.
  • SWR-300 with or without double motor on stands with 1 wheel.

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