Yeast propagation system for the craft brewer GEA Craft Yeast Propagator

As yeast is one of the most important constituents of beer production, influencing its taste, flavor, bouquet and color, GEA has developed a yeast propagator especially for craft brewers and small to medium sized breweries.

An effective solution for yeast propagation in the craft brewery sector, the GEA Craft Yeast Propagation system adds a further level of control to the brewing process, allowing for experimentation whilst optimizing the consistent production of distinctive beers by producing high quality yeast for their fermentation.

Designed for small to medium-sized breweries and craft brewers and complementing GEA’s CRAFT-STAR® and COMPACT-STAR® solutions, the GEA Craft Yeast Propagator skid is designed to fit propagation sizes of 5–25 hl. 

Available with multiple additional extras, such as living cell measurement, load cells, a sterilizing option, etc, only the tank, tank top and the pump need to be changed to match the needs of the designated tank size. A clean-in-place system (CIP) can also be supplied if required. 

Key benefits of the GEA Craft Yeast Propagator include

  • a pre-engineered modular process skid that facilitates transportation, installation and setup
  • the propagator can be used to store the yeast crop from large fermenters, removing the need for yeast storage tanks in small breweries
  • with semi-automated control, brew masters have more opportunity to experiment
  • the clean-in-place (CIP) process can be handled manually.

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Available configurations and batch sizes

  • Production volumes from 5–25 hl
  • Multiple extras available, such as living cell measurement, load cells, a sterilizing option and an internal CIP system
  • The propagator is equipped with a recirculation pipe and an internal aeration system with a sterile air measuring unit (no need for a stirrer in the tank)