CowView Localization,Health & Fertility Management

CowView localizes every cow in real time, provides information about estrous activity, gives early warning about diseases, helps with outstanding tasks and ensures perfect communication between all participants.

Advantages at a glance

  • Secure management tool for large herds
  • Every animal is recorded separately
  • Reliable estrous detection
  • Early warning system for health management
  • Flexible and extensive management support
  • Availability and ability to process the data anywhere

Keep an eye on every cow 24/7

GEA CowView monitors and analyzes your animals individually and around the clock, to ensure that important measures can be introduced and implemented immediately. In order to guarantee a consistently good condition of your animals, you, your staff and external service providers need to know precisely what has to be done, when and with which animal: Herd managers, inseminators and hoof trimmers – if necessary, GEA CowView will inform the relevant specialists. Think economically, profit from time savings and ensure effective utilization of valuable employees right from the start!

Always recording

GEA CowView is an intelligent monitoring system that continually records the location of each cow with sensors in the barn and CowView labels at the collars. GEA CowView provides clever conclusions using the animal-specific movement profile, normal behavior patterns and also the behavior of animal groups: If lying, eating or daily habits change CowView will generate the correct warnings for your smartphone, tablet or PC. This will enable you to take a closer look at any animal requiring attention. It only takes a simple click for GEA CowView to show you the position in which the animal is located. You will be able to find a specific cow easily and quickly, even if there are 1,000 or 2,000 animals in the cowshed.

CowView Overview Product Functionality
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