Scrubber Technology Cooling columns

Vertical tube with a gas inlet from underneath and a radial inlet of the cooling water from above over the whole tube cross section.

The gas and liquid flow through a counter-flow column. Before the gas leaves the column at the upper end, entrained scrubbing liquid droplets are separated in an adequate droplet separator. In general, the column is combined with a container which contains or collects the cooling water. Occurring heated water is conveyed by an overflow or a pump.



The vertical tube is mostly equipped with installations inside which enlarges the surface between gas and cooling water enabling an intensive contact between the cooling water and the exhaust gas to be cooled. The choice of the installations depends on the composition of the exhaust gas. 

The gas and cooling liquid are inserted into the counter-flow column separately. The exhaust gas to be cooled enters at the lower end of the column tube and is lead to the top of the column. At the top, the cooling water  is distributed equally over the whole tube cross section and flows down again over the column installations where they are collected in a container. 

Due to the counter-flow, the temperature gradient between the exhaust gas and cooling liquid which is important for the cooling is used efficiently and the maximum cooling effect is reached. 

The naming of the column type depends on the kind of column internals. There is a distinction between: 

  • Random packed columns
  • Packed columns 
  • Tray columns 
  • Open spray columns 

Depending on the requirements each type of these columns can be combined with any other GEA scrubber type.


Special characteristics

  • Can be combined with all other types of gas scrubbers
  • Low maintenance and low maintenance costs
  • Use of cheaper materials possible
  • Deliverable in all common materials
  • Compact design
  • Cleaning function is only available after a specific dead-time

Range of applications

  • Power range 100-150,000 m³/h exhaust gas
  • Cooling of exhaust gas.