Centrifuge Clarifying Decanter gMaster CF for Beverages

This decanter has been designed for the food and beverage industry. The machine is completely CIP-compatible.

The clarified liquid is discharged under pressure by a centripetal pump. The solids are discharged by gravity via a funnel. The product connections are designed according to DIN 11851.

The machine is driven by a frequency-controlled 3-phase AC motor via V-belts. GEA summationdrive with intelligent kinematics for high differential speeds and torques which enables processing of high solid capacities. Full torque up to the maximum differential speed; this allows processing high solid capacities. High efficiency of the drive since the variable speed motor feeds in energy and does not brake. Automatic adaptation of the differential speed by means of frequency-controlled motor. Changing the differential speed without replacing the complete gear . All product-contacting parts are made of stainless steel. FDA-approved materials are available for the seals.

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Features & Benefits

• For the clarification of beverages such as beer, wine, juices, instant coffee and more
• Wide range of operating volume
• Frequency controlled 3-phase AC motor for automatic adaption of differential speed
• GEA summationdrive for processing high sold capacities
• Excellent separation efficiency
• Low life cycle cost
• Simple maintenance
• Vibration controlled sensors
•Optional FDA-approved materials for the seals
•Optional GEA varipond for adjustment of pool depth

G-Volume from 401 m3 to 1,300 m3