Cheese Presses

The final draining, forming and modeling of semi-hard cheeses is carried out in the press. GEA has developed a complete closed press-housing that allows the precise control of pressure, temperature and humidity for each individual cheese.

GEA cheese presses are constructed in stainless steel, with the mold transport moving on the bottom of the press and the press cylinder mounted on the outside. The press plate guarantees transformation of each curd block into a perfectly formed cheese, every time. Our flexible technology can be configured to enable filling per row or filling per housing, for precise batch-pressing or, if all pressing time is needed, for pressing by row.

GEA presses feature PLC automation as standard. User-friendly on screen adjustment means it is easy to switch between different pressing requirements and cheese types. Options include cleaning-in-place to save water, maximize cleaning efficiency and minimize stoppage time.

Our technology guarantees the optimum cheese environment to produce the highest quality pressed cheeses.



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