Upgrade Kit for added functionality

GEA marine Upgrade Kit for separators

GEA marine Upgrade Kit for separators
GEA marine Upgrade Kit overview

Designed to regulate different separator processes automatically, the GEA marine Upgrade Kit comprises additional software and a sophisticated easy-to-install hardware kit. Adding considerably to the functionality of our marine separators, it makes them more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Four marine Guards help to save costs, ensure safe operation and an improved CO2 balance for marine vessels. 

  • FuelGuard 
    Saves 686 tons of fuel a year (for a fleet of 50 vessels with four separators each).
  • BowlGuard 
    Minimizes disposal costs with up to 50% less sludge.
  • FlowGuard 
    Saves on average 910 tons of CO2 (for a fleet of 50 vessels).
  • CatfineGuard 
    Maximum cat fine removal for maximum fuel quality and operation safety.
  • EffiClean 
    Saves precious maintenance time, increases centrifuge reliability, availability and efficiency.

GEA marine Upgrade Kit – Ideal combination of innovative software and proven separation technology

Marine separators

GEA marine Upgrade Kit is available as retrofit for GEA OSC, OSD and OSE separators. The latest generation of GEA marine Separators comes optionally with the Upgrade Kit.

Clever: unmanned, optimized and safeguarded 24/7 operation

Efficient: saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions

Economical: reduces fuel and operating costs

Future-proof: MTP ready

FuelGuard - the automated way to reduce fuel loss

Fuel oil is a critical cost factor in the shipping industry. Marine separators play a significant role in onboard fuel treatment. Oil losses caused by the imprecise dosing of displacement water into the bowl are a downside of timer-controlled separation processes.

More precision for more economy

FuelGuard resolves this problem by exactly dosing displacement water into the bowl according to volume. This process is fully automatic, does not require an interface and leads to significantly reduced oil loss during emptying.

BowlGuard - smart cleaning solution

Conventionally, oil separation takes place at pre-set intervals. The problem with timed ejection processes leads to increased sludge volume.

Maximum precision

BowlGuard solves this problem by monitoring the bowl in real time, checking solid content at regular intervals, and ejecting solid deposits. It does by collecting values, calculating the current filling volume of the bowl, and monitoring the degree of disk contamination before triggering the cleaning process as required. In this way, BowlGuard minimizes disposal costs.

FlowGuard - fuel processing on demand

Many separators run permanently at full capacity even though the actual consumption of the main engine varies. Adjusting the running performance to the real demand would not only save energy but would also ensure less wear. This is where FlowGuard comes into play.

Optimal running

FlowGuard software adjusts separator performance to main engine demand. This ensures very efficient running, saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions. What is more, thanks to the adjusted nominal capacity, it also reduces wear and tear and enables a longer service life.

Additional features

FlowGuard only processes as much fuel as is needed. As a result, the day tank is only filled according to requirements. Separation efficiency is also improved.

CatfineGuard - The finest fuel at your fingertips

CatFine guard

Not many years ago, impurities and irregularities in the consistency of bunker fuel were handled safely using standard on-board purification procedures and established separator technology. This changed with the growth in abrasive cat fines in marine fuels – something that poses a serious issue for today’s marine risk management.

CatfineGuard mitigates this risk by carefully filtering out cat fines contained in the fuel, ensuring maximum fuel quality and reduced component wear. Depending on fuel type, it does this by separating out even smaller particles, which would normally remain in the fuel, using hot separation at temperatures up to 110 °C.

Additional features

The software works hand in hand with the FlowGuard extension and adapts to the real demand of the main engine. The entire software package interacts resulting in energy-saving and cost-efficient separator and motor performance.


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