GEA pathfinder GMP – safe upscaling included

GEA pathfinder GMP

GEA pathfinder GMP – safe upscaling included

Centrifuge - GEA pathfinder

Plug & play!

The GEA pathfinder GMP is exceptionally easy to operate. The complete preparation, use and maintenance make the smallest possible demands on your team. The system arrives in the technical centre ready for instant use, pre-installed with all connections and control modules in one compact unit  that fits even through a 900-mm door.

GEA pathfinder GMP at a glance

  • Complete functionality of large pharmaceutical centrifuges
  • Cost-effective, compact, time-saving, straightforward
  • Production results that can be scaled with no problem
  • Inclusive package of GMP basic certificates
  • 20,000 g for reliably separation of the finest particles even with slight density differences•
  • Three bowl sizes at a flow rate of 15 l/h – 300 l/h.

GMP certified

  • Material certificates for components that come into contact with the product
  • General welding and surface quality certificate
  • GAMP5 documentation
  • General test certificates (FAT)

Optimal Cleanability

  • All parts that come into contact with the product in high-alloy stainless steel, 316L or better
  • Surface quality of 0.8 μm in contact with the product
  • Seals in accordance with EPDM/FDA and USP class VI
  • To reduce bacterial load, unpressurised vapor is used up to 100 °C 
  • 3 in 1: easy exchange of the bowl makes possible fast adaptation of the Pathfinder GMP to different batch sizes
  • Closed product feed and gentle treatment of shear-sensitive micro-organisms through the hydrohermetic feed system
  • Controlled partial ejections through the GEA hydrostop system
  • CIP-capability of the clarifier (spray nozzles in hood and solids cyclone)  
  • Low running noise due to double walled, coolable solids catcher, suitable for connection to a closed cooling system up to 1.5 bar overpressure
  • Low-maintenance flat belt drive
  • Pre-installation on a frame including piping and control cabinet

Options depending on model

  • Different bowl versions
  • Vibration monitoring system
  • Turbidity meter for monitoring the discharge
  • Feed pump
  • Solids pump
  • Alan-Bradley control possible instead of Siemens

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