Calf Pen Systems

Durable, Convenient, Innovative Systems for Raising Calves

Do you need a more convenient way to raise calves? Calf pens from GEA keep calves separated, but can be easily adjusted to introduce calves to group housing. They can be Installed in a variety of barn concepts, from a traditional well-ventilated barn, to a greenhouse or fabric covered structure. The corrugated poly panels are durable, stain resistant, and make cleaning pens easier. Multiple designs are available and the system can come as a complete package or as individual components.

Features & Benefits

Modern calf gate design – two separate feeding holes with a divider panel, prevents cross contamination of feed or water.

Automatic gate latch on calf gate – user-friendly latches are secure and easy to open.

Poly panel latches – front and rear panel latches are easy to operate and don’t require wrenches for quick removal.

Durable – heavy-duty galvanized steel frames are made from 2" square, high tensile strength steel tubing.

Flexible features – adjustable height for calf gate and pail holders.

Additional options – single or double rows, headlocks, and bottle holders available.

Durable mounting system – anchors securely to the floor or wall.

Easy to clean – corrugated poly panels slide out for easy cleaning which minimizes disturbing other calves.

Individual Calf Pens

Stand-alone calf pens can be used as a single pen or multiple pens in a row.

Variable pen sizes are available – 42" or 48" wide and 6’ or 7’ long.

Easily clean pens by removing poly panels. Pens will be cleaned from the side, one complete row at a time.

Front standpipes anchor securely to the floor. The rear mounting channels can be anchored to the floor or to the wall for an outside single row.

Multi-Pen Calf Gate System

Individual calf pens within a large gate, available with two, three, or four pens in each gate.

Works well in large calf-raising facilities.

Easily pull panels to introduce calves to group housing.

Available in variable pen sizes, from 48" wide to 6’ or 7’ long.

Easy to clean by removing dividers, opening main gate, and cleaning pens from the front – without disturbing other calves.

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