Bursting Discs type BS Bursting Discs

Bursting discs are safety devices designed for installation between a 3-way valve and a safety valve. They are used when a greater tightness is required, by controlling the space between the bursting disc and the safety valve and to protect the safety valve against the damaging effects of the working medium e.g. soiling, sticking, corrosion.

Technical features

  • Available in steel or stainless steel
  • Working media: glycol-based cold brine refrigerant EN 378 p. 1, e. g. NH3, R22, R134a and blends with refrigerator oil, neutral, gas and liquid media, glycol-based cold brine
  • Use of It is not allowed to use the bursting discs is not permitted in a system where the maximum operating pressure is higher than 90% of the low bursting tolerance. Bursting discs are suitable for gases, but not liquids. The burst tolerance is +/- 10% or optionally +/-5%.

BS bursting discs
materialsteel or stainless steel
nominal sizeDN 15-100
nominal pressure levelDN 15-25: PS 25, 40, 63
DN 32-100: PS 40
temperature range-60 °C to +150 °C
connectionflanged ends
screwed ends


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