Centrifuge Customizable GEA biosolids Decanter prime for Sludge Thickening

GEA biosolids Decanter prime is a continuously operating centrifuge with horizontal solid-wall bowl developed specifically for the requirements of thickening municipal sewage sludge.

In times of rising disposal costs and energy prices, the operating costs of a decanter are becoming more important than ever. GEA biosolids Decanter prime ensures a uniquely favorable energy balance and first-class separation performance.

The outstanding thickening efficiency of the GEA biosolids Decanter prime is based on the following technical features:

  • Minimal power consumption of down to 0.5 kWh/m³ 
  • Gentle feed geometry for optimum flocculation and low wear
  • Deep-pond design for improved clarification and reduced energy requirement
  • GEA ecodrive with only one frequency converter and elimination of the loss of efficiency
  • GEA summationdrive with intelligent kinematics for high differential speeds and torques
  • Automatic adjustment of the differential speed due to the frequency-controlled variable speed motor
  • All product-contacting parts are made of stainless steel
  • Low space requirement
  • Good accessibility to all components
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • GEA varipond®: the patented control and regulating system reliably controls constant solids concentration, even with fluctuating feed conditions, and reduces disposal, storage and energy costs to a minimum. 

10 - 300 m³/h


GEA varipond® – Reliably Controlling Sludge Processes