Distillation Technology Batch Distillation Plants

The multi-purpose solution for diverse and changing compound mixtures.

Batch operated units allow the distillation and rectification of diverse products or multiple component mixtures in one unit. It´s the multi-tasking-master in distillation applications.


Batch distillation is very flexible, but is typically used for small and medium-sized capacities. For larger units, a continuous distillation pant is usually more energy efficient and economical.

Two operational modes are possible for the batch process:

  1. In  the batch distillation with a fixed reflux ratio, the compounds are separated according to a defined product specific time schedule. This is based on the components´ boiling ranges , that lead to a fractionation of the different components: beginning with the light boilers and ending with the heavies. The classical application is the fractionation of multi-component–mixtures.
  2. The batch distillation with a varying reflux ratio allows the distillation at a constant distillate concentration; it is applied where a distillate with constant physical behaviour needs to be obtained. 

Batch distillations are frequent in the pharmaceutical industry for small scale solvent recovery applications, for the purification of  high valuable oils or also in wastewater treatment units  of small capacities.