Circulation Fans for Barn Ventilation

GEA offers a range of powerful and quiet fans in a variety of different designs to help you achieve an optimum barn climate at peak levels of efficiency.

Cow comfort plays a key role in producing high-quality milk. Therefore, maintaining a stable barn climate with suitable curtains and ventilation openings is essential. To circulate fresh air around the barn, you need powerful fans. GEA offers a range of different fans for your barn that can be used flexibly and complement each other perfectly.

You can choose from:

  • Exhaust fans for tunnel or cross ventilated barns
  • Circulation and fixed panel fans
  • Fans for naturally ventilated barns with flat or sloped ceilings
  • Mobile fans on rollers

An overview of the advantages of our fans:

  • They provide a fresh air supply with optimum distribution
  • Different designs are suited to the individual conditions on your farm
  • You can benefit from top performance with excellent energy efficiency
  • Rugged construction means they are built for longevity

Exhaust Fans: Designed for all types of tunnel and cross ventilated dairy barns

Commercial dairy barns need high volume, efficient, durable fans that are designed for extreme ventilation applications when it comes to moving air through a tunnel or cross-vent barn.

  • Jet Stream 60”: This fan is extremely rugged and features unique cast aluminum blades along with aerodynamic fiberglass housing.  The ribbed spider design stops blow back and the heavy-duty shaft and bearings are built to withstand high torque situations.

Circulation Fans: A variety of sizes and designs for permanent installation

GEA EvolutionXC Barn Ventilation Fan 3 blades
GEA EvolutionXC Barn Fan (3 blades)

Every dairy barn is unique, and our range of circulation fans are extremely versatile whether you are mounting on the ceiling or the stall, or on a wood post or steel pipe. We are proud to offer options to fit your farm.

  • Evolution XC™:The EvolutionXC™ fans from GEA are available in two model sizes (52” and 60”) and two different blade options (3- or 6-blades). The EvolutionXC 52” model has been tested and certified for energy efficiency and may qualify for energy rebate programs. 
  • NCF 52” Panel Fan:This heavy-duty, high capacity fan is available with many unique and versatile mounting options.  The six-blade belt driven fans are quiet and extremely durable.  They can be placed up to 50-ft. apart with air speed of 5 to 8 mph.  With a galvanized frame and venturi, heavy-gauge powder coated steel blades with a cast aluminum pulley, the NCF is built for longevity.
  • Circulation Fan: This fan circulates and distributes fresh air across a wide area. You can ventilate multiple feed stations with a single device. The orifice ring holder distributes the air around the stall, while using a minimum amount of energy.

Fans for Naturally Ventilated Barns: For fixed installation on flat and sloped ceilings

Fans mounted on the ceiling are very unobtrusive, quiet and provide an excellent degree of ventilation. GEA offers a range of models for installing on flat and sloped ceilings.

  • Fan for Sloped Ceilings: The fan for sloped ceilings has been designed especially for use in buildings with gable roofs. It is made from durable, galvanized stainless steel in order to withstand constant contact with outside air. It is driven by electric motors. The aluminum flaps only open when the fan is in use. This means that rain cannot penetrate through the fan opening.
  • Standard Fan: The standard fan from GEA is available in sizes from 20 to 90 cm. So, it can be used in buildings of any size. GEA believes that solid construction is vital, even on our standard fan. So we have used durable bars to support the motor and strong nylon connectors for the aluminum flaps.

Mobil Fans: A flexible approach to creating the perfect stall climate

You can use a mobile fan to flexibly regulate the climate of your barn.

  • The fan consists of a large, 52 inch long blade and a sturdy frame with durable rollers.
  • These help you to move the fan to any position within the barn and adjust the stall climate to suit your needs.
  • The belt gear and six blades make this mobile fan incredibly powerful.
  • However, it can ventilate even larger areas without increasing the noise level unnecessarily, as it runs very quietly.
  • The welded construction not only ensures that the fan will last, but also keeps it steady during transport.

Please note that this is a global webpage. For more information on the availability of this product in your country please reach out to your local GEA dealer.

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