Baking tunnel ovens

The baking process is a key phase for the color, texture and taste of every type of bakery goods

Subtle differences in heating methods, temperature, humidity and residence time in the oven all impact on the quality and consistency of the final product. GEA has developed a wide range of high efficiency ovens that ensure the best heating methods for perfectly baked final products.

GEA offers a full range of ovens, including:

  • direct gas-fired
  • radiating – cyclotherm – with or without turbulence
  • direct or indirect gentle convection
  • hybrid

We can configure our ovens to meet any requirement, and for baking of special products, such as pizza. 

Oven working widths up to 2000 mm can be provided for baking cakes, pies, biscuits, cookies, pastry, crackers and snacks. 

GEA supplies conveyor systems to match product type. Our range of conveyors includes continuous metal bands, light or heavy wire mesh bands, slat-type bands and wire-mesh bands linked to side chains. And for baking pizza products we can even provide stone tiles.  

GEA ovens feature the most efficient insulation on the market. 

Optional heat recovery systems reduce energy use and emissions, and so improve environmental sustainability. 

All our ovens are designed to offer consistent temperature control, through the action of thermoregulators in each oven zone. These allow for independent heat distribution at the top and bottom of the oven and across each zone, finely controlling also pressure and moisture inside them to ensure that every product is perfectly baked.

The thermoregulation system is linked to a PLC that oversees safety, start-up and shutdown procedures. Recipe storage capabilities mean that it is easy for the operator to switch between products using the touch screen display. All working parameters for each product can be viewed and changed when required. GEA ovens even offer the option for remote in-line assistance and troubleshooting by our specialist engineers.  

Optional components and accessories are available to meet any special requirements for conveying or baking. These include water cooling units, automatic pneumatic tracking, scraping blades and band greasers for steel bands, and wire mesh conveyor cleaning systems.