Special ovens

Baking solutions for local, seasonal and uniquely processed bakery products

Special ovens

Special bakery products often require a tailored tunnel oven solution. Where this is a primary requirement, GEA works closely with its customers to develop special oven configurations that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the product. Thanks to its wide know-how and experience, GEA can offer a wide range of proven solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.

The baked-goods sector covers a large variety of products including biscuits, crackers and cookies, and includes also products that are unique to geographical markets or seasonal consumption. GEA understands these unique requirements and can provide turnkey solutions for making most baked products that are currently consumed around the world. 

Ovens for special products

Products with caramelized top surfaces, at the oven exit

Subtle differences in heating method, temperature, humidity and residence time in the oven all affect the quality and consistency of the final product. 

We design, configure and install tunnel ovens for special products such as pizza as well as lady fingers, cakes, choux buns, puff pastry products etc.

Oven working widths can vary up to 4000 mm depending on the production requirements. The modular design enables us to customize the zone length and the heating system for each zone, to meet product requirements. 

Baking conveyor systems

GEA supplies conveyor systems that are designed to match the product type. Our range of conveyors includes continuous metal bands, light or heavy wire mesh bands, slat-type bands and wire-mesh bands linked to side chains. For baking pizza products, we can even provide stone tile options.  

Optional components and accessories are available to meet special requirements for conveying or baking. These include water cooling units, automatic pneumatic tracking, scraping blades and band greasers for steel bands, and wire mesh conveyor cleaning systems.  

Pilot ovens

Pilot oven with mixed indirect and convection electric heating system

In response to industry demand, GEA also offers a comprehensive range of pilot ovens, starting from 400 mm width, to enable our customers to develop new recipes, or to manufacture smaller batches of new products for field trials.

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