Increased process stability and optimum performance

GEA OptiPartner

GEA OptiPartner is a software that combines GEA’s process design and operational know-how for process optimization of production lines. Using digital technologies, such as advanced machine learning algorithms, GEA OptiPartner increases the efficiency and productivity with full visibility of the process.

Process optimization as a GEA Service

Recognize your benefits

  • Increase stability by up to 80%.
  • Increase capacity by up to 7%
  • Obtain consistent product quality 24/7
  • No Capex needed

Do you see process stability as a roadblock to increase productivity?

While you focus on your production KPIs, we focus on process stability and process optimization of your production line. We handle the job for you, all the way from development and implementation to support and maintenance of the right solutions on a yearly subscription basis.

Our solutions not only lead to process optimization but also strengthen staff resources. The solutions contain software-based optimizers running on site on a 24/7 basis and ensuring consistent and stable operation with the best possible parameters. This ensures production staff will have more time to focus on overall production conditions and other important value-added tasks in the operations. Get more info on increased process stability and optimum performance from your production line.

Process optimization as a GEA Service with OptiPartner is available for the Dairy industry and Coffee industry.

Read DMK Customer Story to learn how DMK-Zeven plant, a German leading producers of milk powder, is using GEA OptiPartner leading to highest plant availability ever, reduced product quality variations by 86% and increased production rate by 4.2%.

Simple, operator-friendly user interface

Simplicity and operator-friendliness have been key within the design with self-explanatory, intuitive controls. They cut through all the additional, non-vital information to highlight the process KPIs that are important such as: production flow rate, end product quality and energy consumption. The home screen also shows a visual representation of the sweet spot compared with the actual performance and its historical development towards the optimum position. Get more info on how we quantify the benefits of the intuitive user interface.

OptiPartner Customers feedback at a glance

  • Process stability improvement
  • One point to improve all parameters
  • Less process blocking and down-time 
  • Energy savings
  • Fail-safe operation by semi-skilled staff
  • Fewer phone calls at night/on weekends
  • Better utilization of operators’ time to other plant tasks

Curious about process optimization? Read the GEA eBook "Advanced process control or process optimization?" to discover how the evolving concept of process optimization ensures long-term success for plants.


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