Manage your master recipes with ease

GEA Cube® Recipe Advanced

Manage your master recipes with ease (ingredients, access points, operating instructions)

GEA Cube® Recipe Advanced

No matter how complex, the graphical system offers the automatic production of records with recipe setpoints and all measured values.

Recognize your benefits:

  • Single access point for data management
  • Error reduction and less risk of product variation 
  • Consistent batch-to-batch production results
  • Improved productivity and quality
  • Lower cost of compliance 
  • Faster introduction of new products
  • Designed for dynamic production environments 

A “double check” option to validate any recipe changes and compare previous versions ensures compliance with current legislation and transparent production. Plus, with material identification by human readable code and RFID technology, the system can be fully automated for batch execution.

In any industrial environment, recipe management and execution software — sitting within the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) between the plant floor and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) — defines the settings, parameters, ingredients, access points and quantities, etc., that ensure that product is manufactured in a consistent way. 

An essential part of the production process, GEA Cube® Recipe Advanced is a software module that fulfills that role. It provides an efficient way to track variations in recipe values, generate reports and both manage and analyze recipes, as well as keep them safe and secure.

Expanding the capabilities of GEA Cube® Connect, it transfers manufacturing execution details to ERP level, ensuring the consistency of process parameters and factors such as raw material consumption and, for example, the weight of individual items. Key features include the following:

  • recipe management and execution
  • precise definition of all recipe views 
  • flexible interaction at PLC level
  • real-time company wide visibility of the manufacturing data
  • recipe analysis and value-change tracking (changelog)
  • report generation.

GEA Cube® Scheduler

 GEA Cube® Scheduler

Recognize your benefits

  • Get a clear view to your production planning horizon
  • Use lines and their capacities for easier planning
  • Focused visualization with fully flexible views
  • Receive orders and report consumption with GEA Cube® Connect

As a part of GEA Cube® Recipe Advanced, GEA Cube® Scheduler enables users to timetable production and choose which orders to produce on demand. A clear visualization provides a complete overview of future production, whereby batch orders can be optimized according to allergic, color or clean-in-place (CIP) requirements if specific rules are defined.  

Furthermore, orders can be split into batches — manually or automatically — according to line size and availability. Batches may also be assigned to a specific production line if required. Incoming order and consumed material information can be exchanged with an ERP system (see GEA Cube® Connect).

As a part of GEA Cube® Recipe Advanced, GEA Cube® Scheduler enables production runs to be planned and ordered using formulae and recipes. Operators can define specific processes using clear and focused visualization tools.

Similarly, it’s possible to input and prioritize ERP-derived orders into the production schedule and generate feedback reports, minimizing manual effort and maximizing accuracy. For example, orders can be split into batches or processed according to specific CIP, flow or other requirements.

With smart visualization providing a complete production overview, operators benefit from clear guidance when attention is needed based on defined tolerances, ingredients or parameters.

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