Plant history recording

GEA Cube® Plant Playback

Travel back in time with GEA Cube® Plant Playback for a recorded history of plant activity.

GEA Cube® Plant Playback

Offering “live” or time lapse viewing, this model animates your SCADA Historian data to improve both production and safety. Revealing any dependencies, root cause issues or faults, it’s easy to use and supports operator training and troubleshooting.

Recognize your benefits:

  • Perform root cause analysis with an intuitive UX
  • Use historical data for training sessions
  • Educate new staff within a real HMI environment
  • Optimize your HMI design with user feedback
  • Review all relevant SCADA screens from the same production batch

GEA Cube Plant Playback is, in essence, a piece of software that serves as an industrial video recorder.Providing a reliable production history of the whole, or parts of, the plant, the entire content of SCADA screens can be recorded, even without human intervention.

With functionalities including rewind, pause, time lapse or slow motion, the recordings can be used to verify and optimize workflows, identify dependencies and operational root causes with ease. The acquired knowledge is subsequently available for training sessions, troubleshooting and process optimization.

The software is currently available for Siemens WinCC and is being developed to be compatible with Wonderware. In short, GEA Cube® Plant Playback operates as an entire plant history recording, enabling you to rewind and monitor previous plant activity, view past mimic screens and improve analyses.

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