MIone – The Multibox system

Superior system performance for your success

Plan your barn set-up today without losing sight of the future. The superior MIone Multibox system grows with your farm according to your needs. Configured with two to five boxes, the MIone system is ideal for herds from 120 cows and over. All tasks can be controlled and monitored quickly and easily from one central management station. While low-maintenance cows are being milked automatically, animals that require special attention can easily be tended to through simple, convenient functions.


Flexible milking sessions, guided traffic

The MIone system lets your cows choose when they want to be milked. Each step in the calm, comfortable process – from cleaning to gentle milk extraction at each udder quarter – is part of a familiar routine every cow appreciates. ID monitoring and guided pre-selection gates ensure even distribution of cows per milking station, which translates to perfect, stress-free throughput. 

Raising the bar of employee productivity

Calculate the cost of one man-hour of labor per ton of milk produced and you’ll find that MIone automatic milking sets new standards in productivity. The efficient, time-saving technology frees up workers for other activities, helping you to streamline dairy production to maximize efficiency. Effective use of resources and energy guarantee more profitable results across the board.


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