Bloat Remedies

Bloat is caused by persistent foam or froth in the rumen preventing the belching of trapped gases.

Bloat is more common in spring when there is rapid plant growth combined with severe frosts - cows go on fresh pasture, hungry after the morning milking and tend to gorge.



A high strength alcohol ethoxylate bloat remedy that is perfect for trough treatment. Bloateze is reliable in the prevention and treatment of frothy bloat in cattle.

  • Strong long-acting product that has a low dose rate combined with being very cost-effective
  • Suitable for drenching, pasture spraying and trough treatment
  • Easy to mix, even in cold water
  • Available in 5L, 20L, 100L & 200L

Bloateze DFA

Bloateze DFA

Not only is Bloateze DFA (Designed for Alkathene) a reliable bloat remedy, it is specifically formulated for use via in-line dispensing systems and is safe to use through alkathene piping.

  • Also suitable for drenching, trough treatment and pasture spraying
  • Available in 5L, 20L, 100L & 200L


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