Scrubber Technology Aerosol separator systems

A suspension of fine solid particles or liquid droplets, in gas is called aerosol and can be separated by different working principles.

GEA technology for a good particle separation, especially of very small particles (aerosols).

Inertial separation

The aerosol and particulate matter removal system (AFAS), like the Venturi scrubber, uses the principle of inertia to separate the aerosols.

In this case, a high-pressure or two-fluid nozzle produces a liquid droplet that is fast and as small as possible. The aerosol collides with this droplet due to its inertia. In a second step (coalescing stage), the formed conglomerate of aerosol and liquid droplets is separated from the gas stream.

Diffusion and barrier effect

With the aid of suitable ceramic filter candles or bag filters, liquid or solid aerosols are separated. Filter candles are usually used to separate liquid aerosols. The gas to be cleaned is passed through a filter. Diffusion and barrier effect cause a collision of the aerosols with the densely packed material of the filter candles then stick to the surface.

Bag filters are used for the deposition of solid aerosols, as long as condensation of water vapor can be excluded.



  • Defined separation of aerosols
  • High reliability
  • Little maintenance
  • Wide area of application, can be fexibly combined and extended
  • Available in all materials


  • Power range of up to 200.000 m³/h exhaust gas
  • Particle and aerosol separation