Product series MICRO FORMULA™ for Microparticulation

MICRO FORMULA™ for Microparticulation

With the MICRO FORMULA™ unit, we have taken the microparticulation technology. The MICRO FORMULA™ unit has a number of unique features such as the TTS (Temperature, Time, Shear) unit which enables complete control of the size and distribution of the particles.

A simple unit with many advantages

GEA has developed a simple unit for microparticulation of whey proteins. The unit, named MICRO FORMULA™ makes it possible to utilize whey, a bi-product from cheese production, to increase product yield and replace fat. The microparticulation process forms particles similar to milk fat particles. Microparticulated whey can be used in a number of dairy products.

The products, where fat can be replaced, include:

  • Most cheese types (also yield increase)
  • Ice cream
  • Yoghurt and milk desserts
  • Dressing and sauces
  • Mayonnaise and fat emulsions
  • Other fat containing food products

The unit processing has a simple procedure, is easy and inexpensive to maintain and comes in standardized modulus. In addition to this the MICRO FORMULA™ has the following advantages:

  • No Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers (SSHE) 
  • No Homogenizer
  • No Tubular Heat Exchangers (THE)
  • No Heat Transfer Surfaces > Denaturation Temperature
  • Ordinary Plate Heat Exchangers and Flow Components
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • No scraps form a scraper blades or stator in the final product
  • Yield increase – protein and water binding effect
  • Long production time between CIP – 18-20 hours
  • Payback calculation < 1 year 


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