ESL Fillers ESL Filler Fillstar DX

Filling machine Fillstar DX for milk and milk based drinks into PET or HDPE bottles meets high hygiene standards

The Fillstar DX is a fully drainable filling system designed specifically for low to medium speed filling of still products - high or low acid - into PET or HDPE bottles.

Hygienic design for sensitive products filling

When filling sensitive products it is necessary to combine the highest hygiene levels with the highest efficiency and performance. To meet this need GEA designed the Fillstar DX with the aim of achieving a complete scrap-free design.

The Fillstar DX has an external static tank located just above the filling valves making it fully drainable, with no stagnation points, and features a special product recovery duct under the filling nozzles. These combine to ensure that the system achieves a complete recovery of product during the start-up cycle, during product changeover and at the end of production.

The filling valve is sterilizable with a free fluent steam system that does not require dummy bottles. It can be controlled automatically making it easy to use and manage. The electronic, volumetric filling valve - pioneered in aseptic designs - has no moving parts in contact with the product, the filling is achieved without any contact with the bottle neck, and it benefits from a double filling speed to optimize filling accuracy.

The Fillstar DX is housed inside a Clean Box that has a sterile air flow around the filling/capping area, with a 10Pa ambient overpressure, to prevent re-contamination.


Fillstar DX ESL machines feature the unique NeckFlex handling system that allows the fast product changeover of any container with the same neck design. They are available for PET and HDPE containers and have either a simple, hygienic, washable mechanical capper system that takes its design directly from aseptic bottling technology; or a rotary turret for applying foil closures that is fully integrated into the bloc and doesn’t affect the speed of the machine.



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