GEA ElbaDryer

The GEA way to dry your Sugar cubes

The GEA Elbadryer is fitted with the patented microwave drying system. The development of this drying system created a revolution is the sugar industry by means of energy savings, reduction of occupied floor space and product quality in combination with food safety. The utilisation of modern materials for conveying belts and simplified constructions resolved foodsafety issues with ceramic heaters and poor access for cleaning. In the past 15 years GEA has optimised the Elba dryer leading to an unequalled solution for the heating of your sugarcubes.

Elbadryer is fitted with the patented microwave drying system

Sugar Cube Line
Sugar Cube Line

The Elbadryer has resolved issues like pre-heating, humidity problems with the product send to your customers and colorization due to overheating with its microwave "on-off" heating system. Next to these key characteristics a reduction of more then 30% of your energy consumption, short line length and a high quality product send to your client, lead to low operational cost and initial investment. The intelligent controls of the Elbadryer have the unique characteristic that your operation crew knows how much energy is used to heat your sugar cube, resulting in a unique control over your product. 

GEA ElbaDryer is your key to major energy savings and reduced drying times thanks to its patented microwave technology. Sugar cubes are instantly heated by the microwave energy and then left to dry and harden in the conditioner through natural evaporation. With heating and drying times shortened, only a compact line is required, keeping the total length of the production line to a minimum. Maximum flexibility is ensured by this compact dryer's modular design that allows you to alter the number of microwave ovens according to your required output. 

Added Value, your benefits: 

  • Minimum required floor space, short line length, high output
  • Low energy consumption, low operation cost, lower initial investment
  • Included water-cooling unit, transferring your exhaust heat outside your production room, saving operational cost to your production room control.
  • Controlled energy supply to your sugarcubes, measurable heating leading to maximum foodsafety.
  • Smart controls, maximum flexibility and no changeovertimes.

Drying unit

Serious energy savings can be achieved by applying microwave technology for the drying of cubes. Microwave heating effects the entire volume of the cube and shortens drying times considerably. The microwave ovens are of modular design with a variable number of heating sections according to the required output. After heating, further drying by the remaining warmth of the cubes is achieved in the conditioner.  

Peformance Values

  • Serious energy savings 
  • No pre-heating period 
  • Efficient process control 
  • Temperature for energy transfer moderate 
  • Space savings


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