GEA EcoCut 175


The GEA EcoCut 175 continuously produces sausage emulsions ranging from fine to coarse emulsions. The GEA EcoCut 175 is with wheels and takes up very little floor space, and fits perfectly into most production lines as an in-line machine or separately under the discharge of another machine, typically a mixer. The machine is available with a manual knife tensioning system. The optional PLC-controlled Dynamic Automatic Knife tension System (DAKS) will ensure even more perfect cutting and prolonged cutting set lifetime. Correct knife pressure during operation is important with respect to cost of ownership and it is also the most vital factor in securing good and stable emulsion quality. The typical capacity range is 4 to 6 tons per hour. Particles of bone, gristle and other impurities can potentially block the product flow through a hole-plate. Such particles are removed from the product by the GEA EcoBes sorting device - at the same time improving end-product quality as a result of bone and gristle removal.

GEA EcoCut 175

Working principle

The GEA EcoCut 175 is a medium size industrial emulsifier for a broad product range. A single or double knife set configuration for fine or coarse ground emulsions. Can either be pump feed or have an integrated hopper.

  • Single or double knife set
  • Pump feed or integrated hopper 


The cutting set of the GEA EcoCut 175 is finely comminutes and emulsifies sausage pre-blends. The product is fed into the emulsifier by a separate feeding pump - very often a GEA VanePump SF or DF. Forced and controlled feeding by a pump provides an emulsifying system capable of handling many different product types. Furthermore, it is very little sensitive to any temperature or viscosity variation in the raw materials. Adjustment the pump speed, and thereby the throughput speed, is a very simple and effective way to achieve finer or coarser product structure, and control the temperature increase. Can however be delivered as a hopper fed machine as well.

  • Constant product structure and temperature increase
  • Very versatile
  • Accurate control over emulsion quality, fineness and temperature.

Output quality

The knife adjustment system ensures a clean cut from start to finish. The optional hard particle removal system (EcoBes) leads to improved end product quality.

  • Knife adjustment system
  • EcoBes 


All mechanical, electric and electronic components are well dimensioned and efficiently sealed.

  • All components well dimensioned
  • Efficiently sealed
  • GEA EcoCut 175 2/3 


Designed for easy handling and sanitation. Fully separated sealed zones, smooth surfaces and CE/USDA approval.

  • CE/USDA approval
  • Easy handling and sanitation
  • Fully separated sealed zones


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