GEA Wine Decanter Skids

Premium juice quality from the first to the last grape.

Make every grape count. The GEA Wine Decanter is the first decanter centrifuge specially engineered for grape extraction, clarifying and recovering. A single machine that does the work of multiple wine presses and other equipment, adding modern, competitive efficiency, versatility and speed to all processes. With five applications to achieve greater yield and taste, the GEA Wine Decanter has it all.

New multi-functional GEA Wine Decanter

More savings

The GEA Wine Decanter handles juicing and clarification tasks across the entire winemaking season, effectively replacing multiple wine presses, settling tanks and other components with just one highly productive machine for mash, juice and wine treatment. This results in substantial savings. Using only a single machine for juicing, clarifying and recovering, you can achieve pay-off within the first two wine seasons.

Plug & Play

GEA Wine Decanter as the standard machine for wineries, pre-mounted on a skid frame with all required connection and control modules – so it is ready to use. For greater or smaller volume requirements, a great range of the GEA Wine Decanter machine sizes is available. 

How much can your winery benefit? Find out and ask us for opportunities to test the GEA Wine Decanter Skid.

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