Bottle Fillers Filler Fillstar PET2

Highly reliable filling machine for water and CSD in PET bottles which easily keeps the filling performance during its working life

The Fillstar PET2 is a high-performance filling system for PET bottles that can be easily maintained.

Filling performance

The mechanical counter-pressure filler Fillstar PET developed by GEA is suitable for the bottling of still water, carbonated water or CSD in PET bottles. The Fillstar PET2 fillers have high filling performance and are easy to maintain throughout their working lives. 

The valve opening and closing system is available with three fixed positions with wear compensation: positions are held precisely and are not affected by natural wear on components.

A forced circulation of CIP liquid through a separate channel located under the tank ensures the reliable and effective cleaning of all surfaces.

The Fillstar PET2 fillers have an open design that allows easy access to the filling/capping area and simple maintenance that can be performed by technicians without specialist knowledge.