Aseptic Fillers Aseptic Filler Fillstar CX EVO

The aseptic volumetric electronic filling machine Fillstar CX EVO can fill both still and carbonated drinks in aseptic conditions including clear products and those containing pulps and fibers.

The filler CX EVO uses a magnetic flow meter and pneumatically controlled valves to optimize the fill cycle for any product/container combination to obtain best filling performance or smallest footprint for the required speed.

CX EVO valve for carbonated products and still HA and LA products

Fillstar CX EVO is optimized for the hygienic filling of carbonated liquids with contact between bottle and filling nozzle; however it also offers excellent performance for aseptic filling of still liquids without contact between the filling nozzle and the bottle neck.

Fillstar CX EVO features a rotating product tank, membrane valves used for pressurization, separate air return and pipelined snift. CIP cup insertion and extraction for closed-loop CIP and SIP is completely automatic. SIP is performed with over heated water.

The neck handling system allows any container with the same neck finish to be switched quickly and easily. No filling valve change is required from neck finish 28mm to neck finish 38mm and from still to carbonated product. The positioning of the magnetic flow meters allows easy access for the maintenance of electronic components even during production.

The Fillstar CX EVO for still and carbonated products has a short-stroke lifting jack and a pipelined snift.

CX EVO valve for carbonated products with pulps

With CX- P device it is possible to fill carbonated drinks with pulps and fiber up to 3mm (Ø) x 20 mm (L). The bottles decompression phase is done using the snift membrane which is kept clean thanks to the purging valve that purges the snift membrane from pulps residues.