Continuous In-Line Blending Technologies DICON™ Continuous Blenders for HPC & Chemicals

Continuous blending with full innovation potential: the DICON™ in-line blending concept.

Liquid multi-component products - in every branch of industry - are always subject to increasingly complex demands on efficiency in ever faster innovation cycles. Production systems designed to satisfy those demands need to be economic, reproduce the process exactly, and have the highest possible flexibility. This is exactly what continuous in-line blending with DICON™ technology from GEA offers.

For all that flows:

  • Cleaning agents, laundry detergents, liquid soaps
  • Oral, skin and health care products
  • Liquid fertilizers
  • Biofuels, anti-freezing agents, urea
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • ... and much more 

A DICON™ in-line blending system consists of the main pipeline fed by the ingredients to be dosed, the dosing sections with feeding pumps and deaerating vessels, and metering technology for a high mixing precision.

Variants of the continuous in-line blending system DICON™:

  • Continuous in-line blending system DICON-B™ - Used in breweries for original wort optimisation (HGB procedure)
  • Continuous in-line blending system DICON-C™ - Used to mix soft drinks
  • Continuous in-line blending system DICON-S™ - Used to mix syrup for soft drinks
  • Continuous in-line blending system DICON-T™ - Mobile (portable) system to mix liquid components
  • Continuous in-line blending system DICON-Y™ - System to mix fruit and yoghurt
  • Continuous in-line blending system DICON-MS™ - Used to standardize cream and milk
  • Continuous in-line blending system DIVA™  - Alcohol reception and blending
  • Continuous in-line blending system for yeast dosing - System to dose yeast cells into the wort pipe


Special features:

  • Mixing in the pipeline (low space required)
  • No costs for mixing tanks (investments, CIP, maintenance, space)
  • High mixing accuracy by using precise flow meters
  • Low product quantities remaining in the system
  • Systems available for very low and very high capacities
  • Large measuring and controlling range
  • Flexibility that pays off


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