Classic Feed Fences

The focus is on calm processes in feeding. A clean and problem-free access to feed and the possibility to separate individual animals to check or treat them after milking where necessary are important aspects of feeding.

Diagonal Feed Fences

DairyFarming Diagonal Feed Fence
Diagonal Feed Fence

  • Long service life: sturdy design from robust steel tubing
  • Installation form freedom: Fixing to stanchions or rafters
  • Variable usage: available for calves, young cattle and large cattle
The diagonal feed fence from GEA forms a solid division between the animals‘ movement and feeding areas and to the feeding lane. The animals are separated from each other when feeding without excessive crowding, and, at the same time, the feeding with minimal feed loss works just as well as with a feeding tube. The diagonal feed fence is available for calves, young cattle and large cattle.

Neck Bar / Feeding Table Divisions

Classic Feed Fences
Neck Bar

  • Freedom when eating
  • Simple fitting
  • Robust and inexpensive
If it is possible to avoid locking in the animals, the neck bars and feeding table divisions from GEA present an inexpensive alternative to more complicated feeding solutions. The animals have a large amount of freedom of movement when feeding. The use of spacers should be planned for in this open system. The neck bars and feeding table divisions from GEA have a sturdy design and are simple to install.

Slant Bar Feeder Panels

Slant Bar Feeder Panel
Slant Bar Feeder Panels

Slant Bar Feeder Panels from GEA feature versatile mounting systems that are designed to reduce feed waste.

  • 2" square high tensile strength horizontal tube – will span up to 12-feet in length. Individual openings adjust to three sizes, ranging from 8" to 12 5/16" widths to optimally work with calves, heifers, and cows
  • 1.66" round high-tensile strength vertical tube – enhances animal comfort
  • Versatile mounting systems – fits all types of feed curb posts and are easy to install

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