ESL Blow Moulding ESL Blow Molder Airstar 4C

Airstar 4C blows decontaminated preforms within a controlled area delivering ultraclean bottles for ESL beverages.

Upside down blowing of the preforms and the principle of isolating critical components within a sealed clean area are key elements of the Airstar 4C. This is how it works.

Ultraclean blow moulding

Airstar 4C is an integral part of the ABF 4C ultraclean blow fill system. A key feature is the blowing of the preforms ‘upside down’ which allows all non-cleanable components to be located outside the controlled area and electrical components to be located above the blowing zone where Labyrinth seals separate them from the external environment.

Mechanical components, and all components that require lubrication, are located below the sterile zone.

Clean Box concept

Clean Box detail
Clean Box detail

The Clean Box is the key to ESL technology: a physical isolation of the ultraclean environment. To prevent the re-contamination of preforms, a sterile air flow (from HEPA filter) surrounds the blowing area. This sterile air carries an ambient overpressure of 10 Pa with the same critical hygiene level that is applied to the filler/capper zone.

The blowing of the sterile preforms is performed using sterile air to maintain the sterility during the process.  All surfaces in the Clean Box zone are accessible and very easy to clean. Airstar is a fully automatic, cleanable blowing machine and ensures the highest degree of hygiene in its class.

The European patented mould locking system - composed of two rings that, with a symmetrical movement, lock the two moulds together without the need of a pneumatic compensation system - reduces the number of components, minimizes air consumption and, importantly, avoids the need to sterilize the ’narrow’ compensation chamber.

Airstar 4C is fully compatible with the whole range of ESL filling machines providing a fully dry, compact–footprint, blowing and filling bloc.