Aseptic valves face exceptionally high demands within UltraClean and Aseptic processes. As product and process safety has the highest priority within these applications, our valves are equipped with a hermetic sealing element to avoid any ingress of microorganisms into a sterile process. With our three different valves series, we provide the perfect component for all kind of applications and personal preferences. No matter what valve series might be the perfect solution for your application, you can be assured that they all provide highest quality in terms of hygienic design and sustainability.

The special sealing concept prevents any product contamination from outside – this helps keep the process system germ-free. In this way our products fulfill all requirements for process on the highest level, offering sustainably high product quality to every user.The three valve series distinguish themselves via the hermetic sealing concept. The Aseptomag® valve series is based on stainless steel bellow technology, where the D-ec® valve series uses stem diaphragm technology to hermetically seal the sterile process pipe against the atmosphere. Both valve series are mainly used for dairy, beverage and food applications. The VESTA® valve series bases on PTFE bellow technology and is a true asset for applications in the pharmaceutical, biotech and cosmetics industry.

For more information about the three valve series please refer to the specific valve type grouping by clicking on the respective picture.