Rotary valves are used in many applications such as metering into powder convey lines, hoppers or into batching and mixing systems. Using various rotor designs, GEA can provide a solution to meet the most demanding powder properties.

Our range of rotary valves has been designed to offer the greatest flexibility in throughput, product compatibility and operation and maintenance. With easy demountable rotor design, plant operators can quickly remove the rotor to clean the product contact surfaces without risking damage to the rotor body.

In typical metering applications, the rotor speed is controlled to provide a controlled flow of product into a convey line, hopper or into a vacuum pick-up vessel prior to conveying. By controlling the flow of product, we can ensure that powders can be effectively conveyed from one source to a destination at a constant rate to match the application.

Close tolerance rotors specially designed for airlock applications enable GEA to offer sophisticated modified atmosphere powder handling and convey systems for oxygen sensitive powders.

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