GEA offers the widest range of sifting systems for powdered products, including rotary, vibratory and circular systems designed to suit a variety of product types and duties.

Sifters have various applications in powder plants. From simple security screening to fine grading, the type of sifter required can vary considerably, depending on the duty rate and product type.

GEA manufactures a range of vibrating and rotary sifters that have been designed for use with dairy, food/nutritional and pharmaceutical, products and other ingredients.  

With the increased focus on food safety and hygiene, GEA has the expertise to integrate our sifters into a complete powder unloading and processing plant to provide end-to-end security for our customers and their products.

There is a sifter design suitable for either classifying, scalping or delumping. Types to suit gravity fed systems or inline versions that directly feed into pneumatic conveying lines can be supplied — with various screen types available to match a diversified range of products.

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