GEA produces a range of magnets to remove ferrous particles from free-flowing product — without restricting product flow — during powder transfer.

Our range of grate and rotary type magnets have been developed to suit a wide variety of installations, particularly where access for maintenance and cleaning may be difficult.

Free-flow products typically require require a simple grate type magnet which is installed in the product flow. The magnet is designed to ensure maximum product contact whilst ensuring minimal interruption to the powder flow during operation.

We offer a range of rotary magnet solutions for round or square connection. These are preferred where powdered products are less free-flowing or where uninterrupted flow is critical to the process.

The rotary operation ensures maximum contact with the product as it passes through the magnet thereby providing a high level of contaminant removal

For easy cleaning, we offer demountable variants of our grate and rotary magnets. This allows for easy removal of the magnet for inspection or cleaning.

Our "swing-out" design for the rotary magnet further improves the maintenance and cleaning operation by removing the need for the operator to handle the heavy motor and gearbox assembly.