GEA boasts a wealth of experience in the frequently difficult task of getting bulk solid materials to flow out of storage silos and hoppers. It is essential to choose the correct device to suit the properties of the stored material, the vessel design and the system flow requirements.

The "Vicon" vibratory discharger (or bin activator) has been designed to provide a cost-effective method of discharging powders or granules from storage silos and bins. A vibrating motor is attached to a transition hung from vibration isolation arms attached to the silo, which vibrates the product, not the silo.

GEA screw conveyors are available in a wide range of styles for general conveying applications as well as for silo discharge duties. Single units with variable pitch augers or multiple auger units for difficult products may be used to assist the discharge of materials with poor flow properties from silos.

For easily fluidized materials, an airslide discharger is frequently the best method to ensure trouble-free powder flow from a silo or storage vessel. GEA airslides may be circular or rectangular in shape, and a range of other options and features is also available.

GEA pneumatic impactors are suitable for a wide range of applications to assist product discharge from hoppers and silos. We manufacture four sizes of pneumatic vibrators designed to supply moderate amounts of vibration to smaller hoppers, vessels, chutes, feeders, screens and molds. The vibratory force is generated by the centrifugal action of a steel ball rotating around a hardened steel liner.

GEA supplies a wide range of fluidization devices to assist powder flow from silos, hoppers and vessels, as well as in convey lines. Units may be designed to inject a layer of air between the product and vessel walls, or to aerate the powder itself so that it flows like a liquid, or dislodges product build up using high velocity "air blasters."