GEA has been at the forefront of manufacturing and supplying positive displacement blowers and associated package components for more than 35 years and is able to recommend the most suitable unit for each application.

GEA offers a range of blower package assemblies to suit all applications, and one-off designs for special applications. This includes

  • standard heavy duty table base frame layout
  • compact and stackable formats
  • tandem packages with one motor driving two blowers
  • horizontal or vertical airflow in any direction
  • indoor/outdoor operation.

GEA is also able to offer a full range of components and accessories for blower and exhauster packages of all types, for both new systems and as replacement parts. This includes

  • inlet/outlet air filters, coolers, heaters, dehumidifiers and silencers
  • flexible/expansion joints
  • pressure and vacuum gauges, switches, transducers and control units
  • anti-vibration mountings 
  • pressure relief, vacuum relief and non-return valves (cast Iron, SS, bronze, alloy)
  • belt and direct drive, VSDs
  • adjustable belt tensioning
  • safety guarding to suit customer and agency regulations
  • acoustic enclosures and forced fan cooling.