GEA supplies engineering services and complete process plants and components for powder processing and handling, including mixing and blending, to customers in the food, beverage, dairy, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and environmental protection.

Providing powder mixing machinery and expertise for a wide range of process applications and system requirements, we can help you to select the optimum solution to suit your product and process design of your specific application. Our portfolio of products and mixing solutions includes the following:

  • Ribbon mixers
  • Lindor mixers
  • Plough-share mixers
  • Fluidizing paddle mixers
  • Double cone mixers
  • V-mixers
  • Continuous mixers
  • Vertical mixers
  • Pneumatic mixers

Special designs and accessories are available, including:

  • Sanitary designs for food, dairy and pharmaceutical applications
  • Jacketed blenders for steam/hot water heating or chilled water cooling.
  • Shaft seals available in various formats such as air purge, split or demountable
  • Outlets available in various formats such as butterfly valves, gate valves, flush fitting plug valves or bomb bay doors
  • Product infeed available in various formats such as manual dumps with dust extraction, mechanical or pneumatic conveying systems
  • Weighing may be included with the blender by using load cell mounts or via separate weight control systems
  • Additives such as fats, oils and liquids may be rapidly dispersed via spray nozzles and using breaker bars and high speed choppers

For a robust and reliable mixing system that seamlessly integrates into your overall plant design and control system, contact GEA to discuss your requirements.