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Continuous Mixer type LVA Skid

Mixing is a vital process in the production of a diverse range of products in a wide range of industries. Based on our extensive experience and technological know-how, GEA offers a variety of batch, continuous and in-house custom designed mixing solutions for unique applications that meet specific customer needs.

Subject to increasingly complex cost and time demands in ever-faster innovation cycles, liquid mixing systems have to be economic, reproducible, flexible and robust. Mixing is an integral part of various process industries, such as beverage and home & personal care, in which the reliable production of homogenous, clump-free products is paramount. The process is used in the production of beverages such as juice, carbonated water and soft drinks as well as personal care products such as creams and shampoos and cleaning products
Effective mixing ensures that products are both of the highest and most consistent quality, and that they are produced cost-efficiently. In mixing, it is important to understand both the materials and processes in use, including factors such as the solubility index and wetting ability.

Process Options
Mixing can be done with either a conventional batch mixer or a continuous mixing system. For companies with frequent changeovers or with many products that have to be prepared using dry substances and ingredients in small containers (bags, bottles, etc.), it may be sensible to use a batch mixing plant; in many cases, though, a combination of batch mixing and continuous blending is advantageous.

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