Milking Parlors

Side-by-Side Parlours

Side-by-Side Parlor - Global 90i

Milking takes place up to three times a day on 365 days a year in the modern dairy industry. GEA side-by-side milking stalls have proven themselves and provided a smooth, time-saving milking routine in medium-sized and large livestock herds.

Within a stall rearing programme, side-by-side milking stalls allow for a larger number of milking stalls in the same space. These products place the cows next to each other in a space-saving manner and also keep them securely retained. This ensures an optimal, customised milking position as the basis for high throughput performance. 

The milkers have free access to the udder from behind. The problem-free attachment of the milking cluster, the easy operation of the side-by-side milking stalls and the short paths save on both time and work. In addition, cows and milkers benefit from the clean and stress-free milking procedure.


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