Milking Systems

Automated Milking Systems

DairyRobot R9500 robotic milking machine

Welcome to GEA’s sophisticated selection of automated milking technology.

Be inspired by our state-of-the-art systems that are helping dairy farms of all sizes around the world to achieve sustainable, profitable milk production and maximize yield. With an automated milking system by GEA, you ensure premium-quality milk and enhance your herd’s performance with utmost comfort and ease. Your modern workplace design incorporates intelligent features that make managing your herd quick, simple and efficient every day. Furthermore you greatly increase productivity because the low-maintenance technology works around the clock.

With GEA at your side, our innovative service packages guarantee the highest milking throughput for your farm.

There’s another plus to your bottom line. The time and labor you save on milking can be used to improve other production processes. Our ultra-efficient technology operates economically, helping you to reduce expenditures on energy, resources, and maintenance. With such ideal prospects for dairy production, you benefit across the board with automated milking systems made by GEA.

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