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GEA carbonating systems are designed for the highly accurate continuous carbonation of beverages. The special injection process uses CO2 very efficiently, thus saving costs and reducing the impact on the environment. The finely effervescent distribution of the gas ensures a taste experience to tickle the palate.

The market for spirituous liquors is much more flexible and fast-moving today than it has ever been before. The existence of many different fashionable mix drinks, some of which will only remain on the market for a brief period, and the constant demand from consumers for new products offering particular taste experiences constantly face the beverage manufacturers and equipment suppliers with new challenges.

A substantial part of the quality of freshness that is perceived in the taste of a beverage results from the addition of CO2. Particularly in soft drinks, beer, wine and sparkling wines, but also in other mix drinks that have an alcohol component, CO2 is used as a flavor carrier. The new challenges that makers of spirits and ready-to-drink beverages face call for new techniques in the field of bottling.

Especially in the low-proof area with <10% alcohol by volume, more and more beverages are being carbonated. Complete systems for in-line carbonation with automatic in-line analysis for CO2, Brix value, alcohol and color ensure that the beverage reaching the bottling unit is of consistently high quality.

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