Whether you’re creating your traditional cubes in a more efficient way, or a variety of enticing and innovating shapes (hearts, diamonds, Christmas trees, etc), packed in a modern box, the GEA sugar cube station ensures cubes are prepared to exactly the right consistency with an optimal quality and a uniform weight.

The GEA Sugarcube stations are delivered as a complete solution from the granulated sugar till the closed box. To complete the GEA Sugarcube station, GEA has carefully selected partners, who adapt the machines to the sugar environment, specified by GEA. Next to the boxing and conveying equipment, GEA can offers as well supporting equipment, suitable for the sugar industry. GEA delivers together with the equipment, a professional support package, where the equipment will be installed, commissioned and the performance is demonstrated. The installation comes with an intensive trainings program for your staff, professional project management, focussing on all requirements to achieve the delivery of the sugar cubes to your customer, according the agreed timeline.